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Acute Care
Medicaid Administrative Claiming (512) 462-6200
School Health and Related Services (512) 730-7400
TAFI (512) 462-6300
Time Study (512) 490-3194

State of Texas Automated Information
Reporting System (STAIRS)

(512) 438-2680
ASSP Program Hospital Services Customer Information Team
Training Information and Registration (512) 438-2680
Texas Medicaid Health Partnership (800) 925-9126
Problems Viewing or Downloading from Website (512) 438-2680
Program Contact Phone Number

Birthing Center Services

Certified Nurse Midwife

Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories

Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility/Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Home Health Agencies (Medicaid Home Health Services)

Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist

Personal Care Services

Physical Therapists/Independent Practitioners

Private Duty Nursing

Texas Health Steps

Hank Morris (512) 424-6772
School Health and Related Services

Kasmira Burki

Rita Johns

(512) 462-6383

(512) 462-6235

Ambulance Services (Fee-for-Service Rate Setting)

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies

Family Planning Services

Hearing Aid and Audiometric Evaluations

Indian Health Services

In-Home Total Parenteral Hyperalimentation Supplier

Podiatry Services

Vision Care (Optometrists, Opticians)

Hank Morris (512) 424-6772

Blind Child Vocational Discovery & Development Program

Children and Pregnant Women - Case Management

Hank Morris (512) 424-6772

Certified Respiratory Care Practitioner Services

Dental Services

Genetic Services

Physician Services

Taran Champagne (512) 424-6521

Early Childhood Intervention - Case Management

Early Childhood Intervention - Specialized Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitation Services - Mental Health

Service Coordination - Individuals with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Targeted Case Management - Mental Health

Monica Roussel-Methena (512) 487-3344

Chemical Dependency Treatment Facility

Independent Laboratory

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

Licensed Professional Counselors

Maternity Service Clinic


Radiological and Physiological Laboratory and Portable X-Ray Supplier


Hank Morris

(512) 424-6772

Physician-Administered Drugs                                                                                        Jaime DeLeon                   (512) 707-6070 


NOTE: These are not contacts regarding service programs and policies. For questions regarding service program and policy issues, Medicaid clients should call the TMHP Contact Center on (800) 335-8957 or (800) 252-8263. Providers should call the TMHP Contact Center on (800) 925-9126

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HHSC Rate Analysis
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P.O. Box 149030
Austin, Texas 78714

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HHSC Rate Analysis
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4900 North Lamar
Austin, Texas 78751