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ASSP Program Hospital Services Customer Information Team

Hospital Clinic and Facility Services Contact Persons

Program Contact Phone Number
Ambulatory Surgical Center Kevin Niemeyer 512-730-7445
Federally Qualified Health Centers Cristina Melendez 512-428-1913
Institutions for Mental Disease Kevin Niemeyer 512-730-7445
Renal Dialysis Facility Kevin Niemeyer 512-730-7445
Rural Health Clinics Cristina Melendez 512-428-1913

Hospital Services Contact Persons

Program Contact Phone Number
Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Sylvia Chang 512-438-2951
Disproportionate Share

David Heinemann


Disproportionate Share Payments Amanda Okoniewski 512-438-2068
Federal Disproportionate Share Audit Matt Reed 512-730-7408
Graduate Medical Education Kevin Niemeyer 512-407-3274
Graduate Medical Education Payment Processing Jandi Hodges 512-438-2246
Hospital Payment Processing Sylvia Chang 512-438-2951
Inpatient Services Kevin Niemeyer 512-407-3274
Outpatient Services

Leticia Tambunga

Kevin Niemeyer

Cristina Melendez




Uncompensated Care Reporting Affiliation Agreements Sylvia Chang 512-438-2951
Uncompensated Care (UC) Hospital Payment Calculation

Matt Reed

Gabby Marquez



Uncompensated Care (UC) Tool

Matt Reed

Gabby Marquez

Uncompensated Care Mailbox




Uncompensated Care (UC) Payment Calculation Matt Reed 512-730-7408
Uncompensated Care (UC) Payment Processing Sylvia Chang 512-438-2951
Waiver Payment Forms for Uncompensated Care (UC)/DSRIP Sylvia Chang 512-438-2951

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HHSC Rate Analysis
Mail Code H-400
P.O. Box 149030
Austin, Texas 78714

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HHSC Rate Analysis
Mail Code H-400
4900 North Lamar
Austin, Texas 78751